01 TUTOR Recommendations for exterior wood maintenance

There is no general rule for the frequency of maintenance: it depends on the type of wood, the finish, the climatic conditions, the exposure and many other factors. Regular maintenance effectively ensures long life.

There is no a priori rule for frequency but there is the rule of having to carry out maintenance sooner or later. And for wood first and better than later. From our experience with laboratory tests and field tests we have deduced an evaluation of the maintenance frequency, which we report below.





We recommend: avoid applying the products during the moments of maximum exposure to the sun and on overheated substrates.


The oil-treated surfaces show a very subtle and uniform degradation after the winter, which you can easily wash and regenerate.

Forget film exfoliation, abrasive paper or paint remover!

BORMA OILS allow a high “open time”, which allows to retouch and revise the application. Take a break whenever you want!





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