The Academy team

Francesco Chisso

Teacher: design, technology, laboratory, organization and management of production processes in the graphics and communication sector. MIUR Higher Education Institute

Freelancer: new product development, project management, marketing and communication. Registered in the Register of Chemists of the Province of Treviso.




Pedro Villarroya Cabañero

Touch up expert. Owner of the VICAB company in Spain, dedicated to the wood sector, to the sale of products for the care, repair and decoration of wood. He has gained experience in the sector for more than 15 years.

At its corporate headquarters it carries out training and training for customers and operators in the sector.





Vanio Romanazzi

Professional in the wood and flooring sector since 1994. Vanio Romanazzi, expert in laying parquet floors, has developed highly sophisticated artisan know-how that requires qualified intervention and the use of cutting-edge technological instruments. The aesthetic and functional success of the flooring is strongly linked to the skill of the installer and his skills gained in the field. Vanio Romanazzi’s long experience in the field of parquet installation ensures that each installation is carried out with maximum efficiency and with the best results, without incurring damage or flaking even over time.


Giuliano Brollo


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