Exteriors: in harmony with Nature

Even in outdoor environments Borma wants to guarantee the necessary protection of wooden surfaces, with the same special attention for natural raw materials such as oils and waxes.

The oils, impregnating agents and finishes, available in numerous formulation variants and colors to meet every need, guarantee a long-lasting seal thanks to UV filters and additives against harmful agents of the wood.

The line is completed by the essential detergents and maintenance products.


For decades Borma Wachs has been involved in the wood-care and synthetic surface treatment, with sense of responsibility and constant commitment to follow three fundamental principles Quality, Flexibility, Reliability. Our company profile is characterised by dynamism in production capacity as merchantability and saftey of our products. As specialists in the wood professional cosmetic field, we aim to offer our costumers only the best.

Wooden houses . Fences

When facing the restoration of an exterior finish it is necessary to consider its nature (water, oil or synthetic products). Surfaces with oil finishes must be renewed regularly. Surfaces with water-based finishes must be restored using preferably products of the same type. It is recommended not to apply the oil over a paint.

Garden furnitures

To renew finishes performed with Holzwachs Lasur, waxed base-finish (3 in 1), it is possible to apply a new coat of the same product or oil (for example Decking Oil HD). Sanding is considered necessary for the restoration of water or solvent based paints. If the film is particularly damaged, a complete removal can be considered, even with a paint stripper (for example Radikal Abbeizer).


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