"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

Biomimetics is for us an instrument, a technique, an art: it is the search for the ideal, the study of absolute and universal truths of which we will never be sure. Life is still a mystery today, and even more so is the existence of human life, which has projected the physical and atomic way towards a meta-physical and transcendental destiny and dimension, which today we can only guess with intellectual and subjective investigations , and which are not yet scientifically measurable, deductible and objectively shareable.

Natural life hides a multitude of secrets, and by honing our ability to observe and understand the phenomena and laws that regulate the life of natural organisms and ecosystems we could obtain incalculable benefits.

A mono-disciplinary approach is outdated: we believe that the holistic union of biology, zoology, ecology, chemistry, physics, medicine and pharmacy is fundamental, just to name a few, but the typology of the contribution of innovation and creation to which we aspire has no disciplinary boundaries.


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