The right product to protect wooden surface

The study of the composition of wood

We have studied secrets that trees have been using for a long time. The cells of plants have learned to synthesize a polymer with high mechanical properties. The synthesis of the polymer starts in the plant leaves at room temperature and at atmospheric pressure. The polymer is suitable for the production of hollow fibers, which are intertwined in a particular way and woven both at a microscopic and macroscopic level.

The polymer is cellulose and the monomer is glucose, produced with solar energy, water and carbon dioxide.

To complete the work, the tree cells have developed the ability to synthesize a special adhesive, hydrophobic and plastic, in order to bind the cellulose fibers and create a composite material with an elastic membrane greater than 15 MPa and a tensile strength of 100-120 MPa. It is wood.

Liquid formulation to feed the wood

Borma Wachs oil based products have been studied and developed according to a biomimetic principle, with the aim of regenerating and recreating the resinous component of the wood: lignin.

The great enemies of wood, heat and sun, degrade lignin and consume his fundamental component. ECO PREMIUM Borma Wachs oils are solvent-free blends with an active substance content of 100%. ECO PREMIUM oils are suitable modified and formulated to penetrate deeply and to regenerate the original lignin. Designed to “feed” the wood.


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