Borma Academy is a company dedicated to the sharing and updating of commercial partners, technical operators in the wood sector, reastauro and construction, students and enthusiasts in general, through the comparison with their technicians on cosmetic technologies for wood.

Borma Academy is open to share knowledge, skills and competences with you and to create new experiences and solutions.



Borma Academy is a place for meetings, for comparisons, where the culture of wood becomes the culture of being.
We do not want to teach anything to those who work in the wood, we are promoters, and we try to help those who participate in the organized days to better understand materials and technologies, to learn more about working techniques, accept new challenges and continually get involved. The participants will not be passive subjects but actors themselves of what is being learned, interactively, with manual and practical action that will allow to achieve results that no technical newsletter can ever sufficiently explain.



The Borma Academy courses are laboratory activities, and therefore mainly pragmatic activities, in which something is done for a purpose, complementing a predominantly conceptual teaching. With ancient representations, the classroom is the place of theory, the laboratory is the place of practice. The classrooms of Borma Academy are the place of “thought for action”, the place of “reflective action”. If the theory-practical fracture is overcome, the classroom-laboratory becomes the place for building competence in the participants, which connects the world of real problem solving with that of reflection.



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