The quality and prestige of precious decorations, through a tradition of centuries, which evolves, without losing value and splendor, up to modern industrial solutions.

Classic gilding

It is a technique and it is an art; it can be well defined “orthodox” for the rigor of its rules and the sacredness of the context in which it is traditionally applied. Procedures and materials that find their own space and time in the Academy.

Contemporary gilding

The beauty of gold cannot be removed from the most current and casual interpretations. Classic gilding lightens from its dogmas and acquires leaner and freer procedures, adapting to any type of craftsmanship and creativity.

Industrial gilding

How the quality and prestige of modern design can be reflected on metal surfaces with an antique flavor: this is the magic of industrial finishes. Furniture and paneling made with modern technologies and finished with dazzling special effects.


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