Shabby-style scenes are generally characterized by an informal, relaxed and frivolous atmosphere. The decor is sometimes simple and minimal, sometimes more refined and rich of details.

Shabby Chic

In the vintage atmosphere, history, naturalness and simplicity shines through from every material.

Raw or aged wood and chalky paintings are at the center of the Shabby decoration, where scratches and abrasions are deliberately emphasized and reveal the passage of time, authentically historicized or artistically recreated.

In all possible representations of this kind of decoration so contemporary and free, the recovery or reproduction of antiques and modern antiques remain the basis of all styles, from the most elegant to the most pop.

Aging and Patinas

Decoration line shows a complete range of products for the decoration of interior surfaces in Shabby and Vintage style, in all its shades, in particular for furniture and wooden items. With its products, Borma also guarantees maximum creative freedom and ease of construction, with constant and special attention to user safety and respect for the environment.


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